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Valentine’s Day 2024 Done Right: Eco-Conscious Gifts from UK Small Businesses They’ll Cherish

Wall print in neutral beige background with black lettering saying "I'm excited to see where this is all going"

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Can we just forget the stale chocolates and wilting carnations? This Valentine’s Day 2024, my small business-owning heart wants you to ditch the clichés and delve into the realm of the eco-friendly and wonderful. I’m talking gifts that say “I love you” without resorting to saccharine poems or teddy bears with bowties. Think outside the heart-shaped box, it’s time to celebrate your love with sustainable swag and local treasures.

No eco-guilt trips with these presents, no sir. We’re talking handmade wonders from UK small businesses, each one with a story to tell and a love story to ignite. So, put down the generic greeting cards and embrace the quirky, the crafted, the kind of gifts that whisper “I thought of you” with every design, brushstroke or beautifully recycled scrap.

Ready to turn Valentine’s Day into a celebration of love, wit, and sustainability? Then buckle up, lovebirds, because this 2024 gift guide is about to take you on a delightful detour from the ordinary. Put on your eco-friendly lookout googles, grab your reusable tote bag (because plastic is passé), and let’s get gifting!


Valentine's Day card saying "I love the life we have built together"


1. The perfect Valentine message from Jess A Little Creative

A romantic gesture can start with a card, and what better way to show you care than with a love message? This I Love The Life We Built Together card is perfect to remind your beloved of all the special moments you’ve shared together so far.

For every order, Jess A Little Creative plants a tree via the UK climate platform Ecologi. You can buy this card for £2.95 and help save the planet at the same time, win-win.

What I love about this Valentines gift: it’s all about celebrating the daily acts of love – that perfect snuggle, that silly moment shared. For me, it’s the little things that build up romance the most, not the grandiose gestures.


A hand holds a wall hanging with a customisable quote written on a typewriter.


2. Blue Stiggy’s warmest personalised wall hanging

I already mentioned loving the small gestures, so this personalised wall hanging ticks all the right boxes for me: opportunity to write down that private joke only you and your beloved understand? Check. Plant a tree with your purchase? Check. Handmade British whimsy? Check.

For £18, Blue Stiggy will have your own romantic words (or someone else’s – a poem about love would also be a top notch idea) written down with vintage typewriter named Dorothy. For an extra £5 you can have it gift wrapped, too.

What I love about this Valentines gift: it’s personalised, showing you were thoughtful and planned ahead in your gift-giving. Also, the high quality cotton paper comes from a UK mill and was made using textile industry waste – double eco points for you!


Kunbi models her Arewà Pullover


3. Keeping knitting fingers busy with a lace jumper pattern

Granted, this is a very specific Valentine’s present idea – it’s for knitters. Being one myself though, I know I don’t receive enough craft-specific gifts so am here to try to right this wrong.

This short sleeve lace pullover pattern from Handmade by Kunbi is perfect for a loved one who loves an uncomplicated and quick-ish knit. With sizes ranging from XS to 5XL, it’s very inclusive. Also, since this is a digital download, it’s one of those last-minute presents you can whip up short-notice for £5.62 plus VAT.

Want to add yarn to this pattern? Allow me to humbly suggest my own handmade fingering weight yarn.

What I love about this Valentines gift: having been one of the test knitters for this pattern, I can vouch for how much fun it is to have on the needles. If your Valentine present recipient is new to lace knitting, this makes for a great starting point as the pattern has a short repeat and is simple to follow.

Another plus for me: this would make such a great Galentine’s Day gift for that friend who always brings a knitting project with her to every get-together.


A pair of circle gold hoop earrings dangling on a stand


4. Make a statement with gold jewellery

Want to make your deep feelings known and only a high-end present will do? These Dangling Statement Earrings in gold by Militza Ortiz will definitely say I Love You with elegance and splendour.

Comprised of three circles in hammered gold-plated silver that sway gently as you move, these earrings are a great combination of classic and modern. At £185 (plus £3 for gift-wrapping with a wax seal), I’ll say it’s a very good price for a glittery pair of handmade jewellery.

These beautiful earrings use recycled silver as a base (sustainability points!) and the gold vermeil takes it to another level – three layers of thick gold are added to the silver with zero brass. That’s quality.

What I love about this Valentines gift: jewellery is a timeless romantic gift giving classic, and when it’s handmade by a jeweller with attention to detail, you can be sure your piece will be exquisite.


Wall print in neutral beige background with black lettering saying "I'm excited to see where this is all going"


5. Skudaboo’s uplifting quote

I’m a sucker for a well-turned phrase. This I’m Excited To See Where This Is All Going wall poster by Skudaboo has just the right words I’d love to hear from a romantic partner, how about you?

Prices depend on size and whether you’d like a frame with your order, but let’s assume your romantic heart wants to go all-out – an A3 print with a black frame totals £46. You can sign up for Katie’s mailing list and get 20% off your first order (and receive news on future product drops, win-win).

What I love about this Valentines gift: uplifting, romantic words hung on our walls keep those special moments present and can be a great reminder of where we want to go in life. I’m all about boosting motivation, so I give this a big thumbs up.

Another big plus? This wall poster is also a great reminder for that good friend who sometimes forgets why their life path is amazing and worthwhile.


Cardboard box containing a DIY kit for a macramé plant hanger in neutral colours


6. DIY macramé kit for your special plant lover Bestie

Allow me to get back to the spirit of Galentine’s: your bestie also deserves some love this 14th of February 2024. This Mini Macramé Plant Hanger Kit (complete with Funfetti pot) by Rock and Realm is just the ticket for your Cottagecore, DIY-loving plant-obsessed friend.

With 6 thread colours to choose from, you’re sure to match your BFF’s taste. At the time of writing, this kit is being offered at the discounted price of £17.50 so grab yours before Laura sells out!

What I love about this Valentines gift: crafty people usually welcome the chance to try a new and fun project, and this is a quick one that will also serve a purpose. The cotton used is 100% recycled, so once again you’re filling up on eco points.



That’s it, lovebirds. A treasure trove of quirky, eco-conscious Valentine’s (and Galentine’s) Day delights, handpicked to set your beloved’s hearts aflutter without hurting Mother Earth.

Ditch the predictable path and dive into these unique offerings, because let’s be honest, a gift that tells the tale of your shared laughter and late-night conversations is infinitely more romantic than a dozen roses that will wilt by Sunday.

Go forth, spread the love, and remember: when it comes to Valentine’s Day, the most romantic gesture is the one that whispers “you, me, and a planet worth cherishing.” Happy gifting!

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