“I am thrilled that everyone who purchases a fibre creation from me knows they are getting a lovingly hand crafted item that meets their highest expectations.”

Eleanor Shadow is the alter-ego of Leonor, a mostly self-taught fibre artist based in London, UK. 

She hand dyes yarn in small batches, makes batts for spinning and felting and creates lifelike needle felted sculptures of pets.

Because Leonor loves sending bundles of woolly hand crafted happiness to customers, she is known to do a little (very uncoordinated) happy dance after each sale. Bad singing might also happen.

Eleanor Shadow advocates handcrafting for mental health – something the artist personally applies in her life to help with her anxiety disorder.

With an academic background in Psychology, Leonor strives to understand our craving to Create Things using our own hands and hopes to inspire others satisfy that need with her fibre supplies.