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About Eleanor Shadow

Proudly based in Edinburgh, Scotland

Oh hi! I’m Leonor, a mostly self-taught fibre artist. Eleanor Shadow is my creative alter-ego, if you will.

My small woolly business first started in 2013 with needle felted sculptures under the name Felt Buddies and Co., and evolved after I rediscovered knitting and wanted to create the perfect hand dyed yarn to go with my lovely projects. I was so smitten I decided to share my love of colour with the world.

This love of wool fibres progressed from hand dyeing to spinning yarns, which led me into batt carding and wool top dyeing to feed my hungry wheel. After that, I also decided the world needed more cute project bags, so the sewing machine came out. The result is this wonderful small business named Eleanor Shadow.

I’m a strong advocate of handcrafting for mental health – something I personally apply in my life to help with my anxiety disorder. I am also an enthusiastic supporter of equal rights for everyone no matter your background, gender or colour.

If you come with a love for fibre and a wish to make the world a better place, you’re my kind of people. Welcome, kindred spirit!

Eleanor's business in a nutshell

  • woman-owned, small independent biz since 2013
  • based in lovely Edinburgh, Scotland
  • sustainable and eco-friendly: plastic-free shipping and conscious hand dyeing process
  • passionate about helping you achieve your best knitting/crocheting, felting and spinning goals.
  • strong advocate for crafting for mental health (and maybe justifying that degree in Psychology?)
  • welcomes anyone who loves wool, regardless of gender, sexuality or ethnicity.

Your best crafting is my goal

I want you to love your knitting and crochet projects. I care whether your fab felting idea comes to life. Your spinning needs to be everything you ever dreamed of and I want to help you get there. My yarns, wool batts and project bags are all created for your best crafting life.

My goal in life is to be a part of your lovely hand crafting journey.

I’ll do all of this without compromising on quality or my eco values: I source my wool from ethical, local suppliers and I hand dye my fibre using the most planet-friendly techniques at my disposal.

Eleanor Shadow pretends to kiss Marshmallow the cat whilst the cat sniffs her mouth

The Eleanor Shadow HQ

My lovely Edinburgh studio wouldn't be complete without my two furry assistants, who have the important job of keeping me sane when I'm not dyeing yarns or making batts. They make sure I take breaks, have enough cat hair on my clothes and remember to eat by directing me often to the kitchen for treats. Also, if I didn't include my adorable felines, I wouldn't be able to shamelessly use them in my marketing, or talk about my small business using the very important-sounding "we"...

Follow Eleanor Shadow for more indie dyed yarn and knitting shenanigans (also, cats).

The feline assistants

Marshmallow is my velcro-cat. If you’ve ever ordered from my small business, you likely received a thank-you note featuring this feline beauty. Since I have to feed her, I might as well put her to work.

Her favourite thing is sleeping on my lap. In fact, if I stand for too long, Marshmallow will demand I sit down so she can lay on me.

Despite having the job of Quality Control, this kitty doesn’t care much for wool. A great thing, because I don’t have to hide the yarn. Small sewing notions, however, are a different matter: if you are a bobbin, better watch out.



Marshmallow the cat lies on a hand knit shawl made by Eleanor Shadow
Kenya the cat stares into your soul

This permanently wide-eyed cat is Kenya. She loves a good belly rub and will reward you with the loudest purr at 4am. Don’t be fooled though: she is made of velvet and claws.

Kenya was a stray who showed up at my doorstep one day and adopted me. She slowly burrowed her way into my heart (I lie, she had me on the first “plopping on the floor to show you my belly.” I’m a sucker.)

This Silky Void also doesn’t care for wool, but she’s great at pointing me in the direction of food. Her official title is Reminder Of Breaks.

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Locally and Ethically Sourced

UK-based, mulesing-free yarns. Fleeces from UK high animal welfare small farms.

Eco Packaging

Reusable paper and compostable packaging to keep the planet healthy.

One tree planted per £25 order

An icon of knitting on a needle

Handmade in small batches

Limited edition hand knits and project bags

The best materials

Professional grade dyes, 100% cotton fabrics, plastic-free stitch markers

Your lovely reviews

What Eleanor Shadow's customers have to say
about her hand dyed yarns, fibres and knitting accessories

Eleanor Shadow has been featured in the following press:

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