Answers to custom order queries, and more.

I just want a quick overview on how custom orders work.

Here’s a condensed version of events:
  • You tell me what you want, I let you know if I can do it and how much it’ll cost;
  • I give you an approximate date of completion, which will depend on how busy I am and what type of custom order you require;
  • You send me photos of what you want (if it’s a specific order, like a pet), or give me a written impression of your concept;
  • When I’m ready to begin, I contact you to arrange payment;
  • I start working and keep you informed, via email, of progress;
  • Once I’m done, I send you photos of the finished work for you to assess;
  • After feedback, I either add/change some details as according to your instructions, or send your custom order on its way;
  • You receive your happy parcel and let me know about it!
Do you sell ready-made dog sculptures?
I sometimes make smaller, less detailed dogs for my online shop, but the large, intricate ones are custom order only.
Do you sell internationally?
Yes, I accept orders from all over the world.
What type of custom orders do you take?
I accept custom orders for things fibre-related: needle felted pet sculptures, hand dyed yarn, handmade notebooks, etc.
My most popular custom order is dog sculptures. I’ve also done pet horses, ferrets, guinea pigs…
If you have an idea for something fibre-related that you haven’t seen in my shop before, contact me to discuss it. I’m always open to new ideas.
Do you have a waiting list?
Yes, mostly for more intricate work such as pet sculptures. Small orders (such as a notebook, or knitting stitch markers) can usually be fitted between larger works, so normally you don’t have to wait much for them. It can go from a few days to 4 weeks, depending on my workload and what you are looking for.
How do I secure a spot in your list?
I normally work on a first come, first served basis. Small/simple commissions (for example, 20 mini toadstools for wedding decoration) can sometimes be fitted between larger current work, depending on how busy I am. Pet sculptures normally have a more set schedule that I will tell you about in advance.
Although I do my best to honour the timeframe I give customers, sometimes life happens and I may be delayed. You will always be contacted should this happen, so we can discuss the issue and how best to sort it out.
Do I need to pay a deposit to secure a spot?
At the moment, no. This might change in the future, though, so check back for updates.
After we’ve discussed your needs and I’ve accepted your order, I’ll add your name to my waiting list and give you an approximate date of beginning. I will then message you a little before I’m ready to begin working on your order, so we can discuss payment and other pertinent details.
Do I need to pay in advance for my custom order?
Yes. I only start working after full payment, no exceptions. I am however happy to discuss an instalment payment plan that suits you.
Custom orders paid for in instalments will only be started after full payment.
Custom orders are also non-refundable, unless defective. I will always contact you before shipping your custom order to make sure you are 100% happy with it, customer satisfaction is paramount.
How much do you charge for a custom order?
Prices depend on what you are looking for. Simple, more repeatable items such as hand dyed yarns will be charged the same as the ready-made items in my online shop, unless you require something I don’t normally stock (such as a special fibre base, for example).
Dog sculptures have more or less fixed prices:
  • £100 for my regular-sized short-breed dogs
  • £110 for shaggy dog breeds
  • £120+ for long hair breeds, depending on length of fur, colouring, etc.

Other sculptures will vary according to size, time taken to make them, materials, etc.
Please add postage and packaging to these prices and note that I am not responsible for any Customs charges you may incur in your country.

Do you offer discounts for multiple custom orders?
I will offer a small discount for multiple custom pet sculptures. For example, two £85 dogs will cost £160 (£10 off). You do need to order and pay for them at the same time to qualify.
How long do I need to wait for my custom order?
I will always give you an approximate date of completion when you place an order. Depending on how long my waiting list is, you might have to wait a few months for your turn. Please don’t be discouraged if this is the case, good things are worth waiting for! Sometimes I might get an opening in my schedule and will be able to fit you in earlier.
If you require a custom order to be completed before a certain special date (for a birthday or anniversary), do let me know in advance. I will do my best to accommodate you and let you know if your request is possible. I never accept custom orders I know I won’t be able to fulfil, so be assured I will never knowingly take on more than I can finish.
What size are your dog sculptures? Can I get one in a different size?
Because I don’t work with fixed measurements, my handmade sculptures vary in size. I tend to make small breeds smaller than medium or large breeds. To give you an idea, a breed such as a Whippet is usually 12 – 14 cm long (4.7″ – 5.5″) and 9 – 11 cm tall (3.5″ – 4.3″). A Pug will be around 10 cm (4″) long and 7 cm (2.7″) tall.
I can make your sculpture larger or smaller than my usual sizes (final price might also change); if you have specific measurements in mind you’ll need to let me know so we can discuss your needs.
If you have more than one pet you’d like to get sculptures of and would like them to reflect their real life size differences, I suggest you order them at the same time (otherwise your Pug might end up the same size as your Bulldog!)
What type of photographs do you need to make a pet sculpture?
My work can only be as good as the images I get to work from. Therefore, high resolution photos in natural light are best.
I will need the photos to be at the pet’s eye level, and from all angles: front, back, left and right side, as well as depictions of their belly and back. Close-ups of their face, as well as other important details (a particular spot on their back, for example) are also paramount if you want a good resemblance.
Remember, I’ve never met your furry one in person, so all I have to go by is the images you send me. I only have them to judge proportions, fur colour and expression. Please make sure you get me the best photos you can!
I don’t have a lot of photos/they aren’t the best quality. Can you still make a sculpture of my pet?
Sometimes it’s just not possible to take photos specifically for a custom order, such as when the pet has passed. In these cases, I might still be able to work from existing images. I would need to see the photos before committing to the project, and see if the customer could provide me with a written description when the image doesn’t help. For example, if there are no photos of your dog’s belly and you can’t get more, you can let me know it’s white and a bit longer in the chest area, and understand I might not get it 100% accurate (I will try, though).
At the time of writing this, I have only refused two custom orders – unfortunately, the quality and quantity of the photos I received just didn’t allow me to get an accurate depiction of the dogs, so I didn’t feel comfortable accepting the challenge. In sum, although there might be a change I won’t be able to do anything with the photos you send me, it rarely happens.
Are there any sculptures you don’t make?
I’m ashamed to admit there are a few things I normally refuse to do as custom orders. They’re my kryptonite, if you will. They are:
  • Domestic cats – I love cats, but somehow they don’t come as naturally to me as dogs. I’ve done a few cats in the past, but they took me much longer to complete and so I just ended up specialising in canines instead. If you really, really want a cat and are willing to endure my reluctance, try me. I might be feeling adventurous.
  • People – there are a lot of great needle felting artists out there capable of creating the most extraordinary depictions of humans, but I am not one of them (I’m just not fascinated enough by people to practice my technique; there are just too many cute dogs out there for me to get lost in!)
  • Owls – see the reasons above for cats.