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Lavender Sachets – protect and deodorise your clothing or wool stash – fibre protector

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Keep your woollies protected and smelling fresh with these cute lavender sachets. Made from fabric remnants (for eco-friendly points) your drawers will be smelling gorgeous and looking unique.

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Protect your beloved woollies

Did you know that wool is self-cleaning? Garments made from this fibre don’t need washing very often – if they smell (of tobacco, for example) simply pop them outside for a little to freshen up, then pop them back in your drawer/cupboard with a lavender sachet.

What is a lavender sachet? It’s a little pillow made from natural fabric stuffed with – you guessed it – lavender. It smells fantastic and helps keep your wardrobe smelling gorgeous and fresh, plus it’s also a natural pest deterrent. Moths like to eat wool but we don’t want them to attack our precious woolly garments!

These sachets are also great to keep next to your fibre stash. I keep several with my hand dyed yarns and personal stash for extra peace of mind.

These lavender pillows are made using fabric remnants from my project bags and therefore are a great way to be eco-friendly and use up scraps. When you buy one you can be sure you’re taking a step forward in taking better care of your fibre – you go, you eco-friendly superstar!

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"The whole customer experience was delightful. Thank you :)"
Sian M.

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