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Cat in a Teacup Knitting or Crochet Place Marker – Individual Stitch Marker Progress Keeper

A cat relaxing in a teacup. For needles up to 4.5mm (US 7) or G-7 hooks


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Who’d know a cat in a teacup could look so adorable?

This whimsical cat progress keeper is a fun way to keep track of your knitting or crochet progress. It is mounted on a sturdy golden lobster clasp and can double as a stitch marker on needles up to 4.5mm or US 7, or G-7 hooks.

Choose from 3 styles: a black cat, a calico and a blue one. Alternatively, purchase the complete 3 progress keeper set.

– This listing is only for one progress keeper, for the complete set please go to this listing. –

Additional information

Weight0.030 kg
Dimensions2.3 × 0.2 × 3.8 cm

black, gold, Blue, Brown, Green, Red, White, Yellow

Cat Colour

Black, Blue, Calico (blue and black ears), Calico (brown and black ear tips)

Why enamel?

In a bid to be more eco-friendly, I don’t sell plastic stitch markers. Enamel lasts longer and is thus better for the planet. 

Keep your stitch markers dry so they don’t chip or rust!

I have lobster clasps available, so if you prefer those to lever back fastenings, contact me and I can replace it for you.


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Your new stitch markers will be sent on a cardboard backing, carefully wrapped in a paper bag. If you order something else, they might shipped in a fully compostable mailing bag, or a paper envelope to keep things eco-friendly.

UK shipping is £4 flat rate.

International shipping is £6 flat rate.

Find out more in the delivery and returns section. 

Your best crafting is my goal

I want you to love your knitting and crochet projects. I want to help you keep track of your stitch count and I want to do this with the most fun and cute stitch markers and progress keepers.

Hello, I’m Eleanor and my goal in life is to be a part of your lovely hand crafting journey. 

I’ll do all of this without compromising on quality or my eco values: that’s why I only sell enamel (instead of plastic) stitch markers and progress keepers. Together we can make a difference to the planet and still love our knitting and crocheting!

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From my hands to yours: I’d love to see what you create with your fibre!

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