Worsted multicolour hand spun yarn - self-striping skein - 163 yards

Soft and sturdy, this hand spun Merino/nylon yarn is the bees knees

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  • 163 yards/149 meters
  • Chain plied, self-striping (3-ply thread roundness) 
  • Worsted weight
  • 80% superwash merino, 20% nylon

Let’s talk chain-plied yarns. It’s a type of hand spun that keeps the colour blocks together in the order you spun (no “barber polling”), and because it creates a 3-ply skein in appearance, the thread is rounder than a 2-ply and therefore much better suited for knitting projects with cables.

This was spun from a lovely hand dyed wool top comprised of 80% merino wool and 20% nylon. Soft, sturdy, and won’t felt!

I really like the ultramarine blue and the way it contrasts with the rich orange, with yellow and soft pink sections. This is a yarn that holds visual attention and would look great in a hat or cowl.

With 163 yards to knit or crochet with, you can create the most fun multicolour project to wear or show off. I started the adventure by hand spinning this fibre, now it’s your turn to continue the wool’s creative journey.

Hand spun yarns are special and full of character. They have a personality that commercial yarn just can’t get close to. Each yard of fibre has passed through the spinner’s loving hand to become what it is now: a glorious, squishy skein waiting for your imagination to turn into a knitting or crochet project you can be proud of.

When crafting with handspun, you are picking up the spinner’s work, continuing the fibre’s journey, and making it your own.

Be a part of this amazing handmade artistry.

Please be aware that the colours shown on this yarn run true on my monitor but can vary on your screen depending on your settings.

Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 1490 cm
Fibre Content

Superwash merino/nylon

Spinning Style

Chain plied

Spun From

Wool Top


Gray, Rose pink, Blue, Orange, Yellow Green


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