Wool Dryer Balls | Set of 6 | Tumble dryer laundry hack

Welcome to the best, most eco-friendly way of drying laundry.

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The most fun, eco-friendly way to dry laundry

Please note: these dryer balls are made using natural, hand-processed wools from different fleeces and therefore not every batch will look as the ones shown in the photos (some may be more yellow, depending on the sheep that grew the fibre). There might also be a small presence of clean vegetable matter, a natural by-product of hand processing.

This set now comes with 6 balls instead of 4 for the same price.


Welcome to a new way of doing laundry.

What are tumble dryer balls?
Dryer balls help reduce tumble drying time and save your clothes from prolonged friction and heat. These ones are made of 100% felted natural wool that I have washed and processed from fleeces. The wool is sourced from the UK directly from the shepherds and the sheep are high-welfare, grass-fed happy animals.

How do they work?
There are many benefits to wool balls: they reduce tumble drying time up to 30% by absorbing excess moisture, they can reduce static electricity and you can even forego the use of fabric softener during washing.
Because these dryer balls are made of natural wool, they don’t release any chemicals, making them the superior alternative to dryer sheets or rubber dryer balls. Just pop them in the tumble dryer with your clothes, turn the machine on like usual and you’re golden.
Here’s a great tip: add a couple drops of your favourite essential oil to each ball for extra freshness.

Can wool laundry balls damage my dryer or my clothes?
No. They’ll simply toss the clothes around, decreasing drying time and fluffing your items up in the process.

How long will they last?
If properly taken care of, they’ll last you a very, very long time (I’m talking years). They may pill with use and shrink slightly but that won’t change their efficacy. You can remove the pills or just leave them with that well-loved look.

So if you’ve ever wondered, “why should I use dryer balls?” here’s your answer. You’ll never go back to those chemical-laden dryer sheets or loud rubber balls.

My top rated dryer balls come in a handmade storage bag and are one of my best selling items. Find out why and change your laundry care for the better!

Reviewed by our customers
"These are brilliant - much less noisy than the plastic ones I had previously which went funny from the heat. They’re bigger too which means they don’t get lost in sleeves which is great! Super fast delivery - lovely friendly seller Awesome - thank you x"
"Tried them this weekend while drying a big fluffy down blanket. They seemed great and the blanket came out all fluffy abd dry. Love that it has natural materials."
Nare S.

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