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Deep Sea Dive | 23mic Merino wool top

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The ocean, corals, the fish… a tropical jewel-tone wool top wonderfulness.

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  • Hand dyed with professional grade dyes
  • Perfect for spinning or felting
  • 23 micron Merino wool top (super soft)
  • One of a kind colourway

If you love jewel tones, this is the wool top for you. Made from 23 micron (that’s soft!) Merino, this is the perfect spinning or felting fibre.

This colourway is a stunning medley of turquoise, violet, purple and blues with greys. It’s a homage to deep sea corals, tropical fish and the deep abyss that is the ocean.

This amazing jewel tone roving can be used for either spinning or felting (or wearing around your neck as a scarf, who am I to judge?).

Although I’ve done my best to match the photos with real life, the turquoise is much brighter in real life. See for yourself, get Deep Sea Dive in your stash!

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Happy buyers say...

"Leonor really went above and beyond for me with this order and delivered 600g of the most beautiful fluffy wool I have ever seen. Thanks so much. I'll be back!"
"Eleanor is an absolute delight to work with. Great communication throughout and beautiful wool packaged with 'little extras'. I know she had to put in a lot of work for this particular wool - much appreciated. I'll be back!"

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blue grey, Purple, Blue, Blue Violet, Violet


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