Blue Green Mawata Silk Hankies | silk fibres for spinning, felting or knitting

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Mawata silk hankies are cobweb thin silk squares stacked together. You peel them apart and use them for spinning, felting or knitting. Who’d know a little handkerchief of sorts could be so much fun?

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That extra oomph in your crafting

Mawata silk hankies come from the silk worm’s cocoon and consist of multiple, very thin layers, each being one cocoon. 

You’ll get beautiful results when using them in your spinning or in your wet felting. The hankies add shine to your project and the saturated colours take your finished object to the next level.

How to use them: 
– Find a corner of the hankie and peel off a layer. It will be very thin and cobweb-like. 
– If spinning or knitting: make a hole in the centre with your fingers and draft the fibres apart until you reach the thickness you’d like to work with. Break off one end so you’ll have a roving of sorts, carefully wrap it around your hand to form a nest and spin away, or knit as you would any yarn.
– If wet felting: add one or more thin layers to your other fibres and felt as usual. The silk will gradually embed with the rest.

Please note that this listing is only for the rainbow silk hankies shown in the first few photos – the stack of hankies shown in the other pictures are, at the time of writing, available in other listings.

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