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Better Rainbow | 23mic Merino wool top

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Why “Better?” It’s even more cheerful than the original rainbow!

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  • Hand dyed with professional grade dyes
  • Perfect for spinning or felting
  • 23 micron Merino wool top (super soft)
  • One of a kind colourway

Are you in need of a rainbow wool fix? Look no further. This in-your-face super saturated wool top is the answer.

By allowing colours to blend into one another, you get a wonderful symphony of brightness in all the colours of the rainbow. I didn’t use the classic primary colours, so this colourway is even more unique.

This glorious roving can be used for either spinning or felting (or wearing around your neck as a scarf, I’m not judging).

I believe the photos don’t do this wool braid justice, they’re even nicer in real life. Order one and see for yourself.

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"Yet another gorgeous parcel from a fantastic seller! Love the little extra sweeties and Lavendar bag. Thank you so much, one of my very favourite shops!"
"Beautifully processed wool and friendly communication. Fantastic shop every time."

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